At reduce + Replenish, we value our customers and the trust they place in us by using our services. We strive to ensure fairness and loyalty, which is why we have created a fair play policy.

We aim to make all competition and discount rules clear and concise so that every customer has an equal opportunity when participating in any of our activities.

We have a zero-tolerance towards cheating, exploiting loopholes or engaging in any form of fraudulent activity. This includes manipulation of our systems, rigging competitions, sharing of personal details for fraudulent purposes and/or any attempts to gain an unfair advantage over other participants or our genuine offers and discounts. We do not allow engaging in activity that undermines the credibility of our competition and affects other participants' chances of winning.

We do not tolerate cheating, exploiting loopholes and If any participant is found violating these terms, they will be excluded from the competition, discount or offer and their prize or benefit, if any, will be forfeited.

We will take all necessary and appropriate steps to protect the integrity of our competitions, discounts and offers. This includes monitoring for suspicious activities, reviewing complaints and disqualifying any customers or participants who are in breach of our fair play policy.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation while adhering to our fair play policy. Should have any dispute arise out of or relating to this Fair Play Policy, please contact us directly via our website or phone.

We look forward to having a great experience with you as our customer.

This document was last updated on 10th April 2023. All rights reserved.