Who + Why

Entrepreneur, Founder and head of r+R

Meet Claire

Claire is a passionate 46-year-old matriarch who lives life to its fullest. From gathering around the table for snacks and coffee with loved ones, to exploring the depths of quantum physics, Claire is always up for something new. At home she's a devoted wife to James and mother to Gabi (13) and Arden (12), as well as their tribe of beloved dogs and chickens! Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and her passion for people, community, knowledge (and chocolate) make her a force to be reckoned with.

.. .. .. Interesting fact #1 .. .. .. She was Born in Zimbabwe but migrating to Australia as a child in the 1980s, she finished school in Melbourne and went on to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Applied Science (Biology) from Deakin University Geelong.

.. .. .. Interesting fact #2 .. .. ..She has successfully climbed the summit of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo which stands at 4,095m! She was determined and eager to experience the vast beauty of the rainforest and wildlife first hand. This journey fuelled her dedication to raising awareness around consumption and sustainability.

.. .. .. Interesting fact #3 .. .. .. She loves running, often joining in on the 5km community Parkrun on Saturday mornings, or running up the little hill behind her home in regional Victoria, Australia.

Claire has had a career in behavioural change management with varied roles including running a Community Environmental Centre and also owning a boutique eco-retail store (Replenish Store) in Regional NSW, Australia. Her passion for efficiency and sustainability was further reignited when she discovered the power of concentrates in 2020 - their compact size and superior results quickly winning her over. She immediately started selling them in her store where they quickly became popular among customers. The discovery of these advantageous concentrates prompted Claire to found r+R - a place for everyone to access quality concentrate products without having to worry about compromising on quality, convenience or cost.

A little Solution for the Future

Waste is a design flaw and our current retail system is very broken. So the plans dont stop here, Claire and her little team is on a mission to change the system even more - by using technology to make life even better.

Claire reinvests profits from r+R to a unique program that aims to create a benchtop appliance that will help change the current wasteful manufacturing system to finally ditch the disposable "plastic pollution paradigm" and move towards a more controlled, personalized and savvy product manufactuing system from your own home.

Check out the progress on our revolutionary appliance: [The Solution Machine]